NZTA Street Talk defensive driving course

This course is held by a certified facilitator

The aim of the course

This is an NZTA approved advanced/defensive driving course providing drivers with the opportunity to learn new skills and make safe and responsible decisions when driving. It has been designed to be interesting and challenging, with a particular focus on drivers up to 25 years of age. You will be provided with you own Personal Logbook to record both course content and assignments.

There is no 'pass' or 'fail' on the course it is dependent on you own input.

What is the cost?

$160 for 4 theory sessions and a practical on-road session and includes your personal logbook

Who is the course for?

This course is now open to Learner Licence Holders

If you are on a Restricted Licence stage, for a car, (please note that motorbikes, are no longer eligible to do a defensive driving course to reduce time on their restricted stage),  Street Talk will reduce the Restricted Licence period by 6 months (under 25 years of age) or by 3 months (25 years and over). It does not reduce the time on a Learner Licence.

You need to be a minimum of 17 yrs 6 months to apply to sit full licence test with a defensive driving certificate.

This is also a recognised defensive driving course if you are directed by the District Court judge or Police to attend one.

The Street Talk certificate is recognised nationally and those wishing to find employment eg joining the Police will find it a helpful addition to their CV. Course graduates can be credited with NZQA Unit Standards.

The course certificate does not expire.

What subjects are covered by the programme?

The Street Talk programme consists of 4 theory sessions which encourage you to consider:  risk perception - risk management - self reflection - decision making - goal setting. The aim is to promote safe driving techniques.

The fifth session is an on-road session once the course is finished in which I will coach you for your Full Licence or Restricted Licence test. This is done at a time to suit you.