Learner to Full Drivers Licence

My aim is help you gain the independence of a Restricted Licence and then a Full NZ driver's licence

Before you can drive a car on a public road in New Zealand you must:

  • Be 16 years or older before you can apply for a Driver's Licence
  • Hold an initial Temporary Licence by passing a Theory Test 

Check out www.drivingtests.co.nz

You may then:

  • Choose someone to tutor you, preferably a professional instructor. 
  • You will also need a person ("your supervisor") to get extra practice. "Your supervisor" must hold a current and valid full NZ Driver's Licence (with no supervisor condition) and have held their New Zealand full licence (or equivalent overseas licence) for 2 years or more, and who can teach you, but only if they are patient when you make mistakes - perhaps a parent/caregiver or grandparent or family friend.
  • Arrange insurance cover on the car - unless we are using my car.

  • Book some lessons. We can use your car or one of my dual controlled vehicles.

Graduated Driver Licensing System

In New Zealand there are three stages in the graduated Driver Licensing System before a Full Driver's Licence can be obtained. This process takes about 2 years depending on your age.

Stage 1 - Learner Licence 

  • a theory test only, you must :
  • Learn the NZ Road Code (car)  for the theory test - there are plenty of free websites to help you eg  drivingtests then you can

Apply for a NZ Learner Driver Licence

  • you will need identification - either a passport or an original FULL New Zealand birth certificate

  • plus a bank statement or similar to prove your address

  • fill out a DL1 form

  • you will have your eyes tested, signature taken and a photograph taken

  • once this is done you sit down and take the computerised theory test - you may have to book for this

  • to pass you need 32 out of 35 questions correct

  • you will then be issued with a Temporary NZ car Driver Licence - 1L

You can then phone or text me for a lesson and start driving on the road.

Your blue plastic Learner Licence will arrive in the post about 10 days later.

Stage 2 - Restricted Licence 

  • an on-road practical test

  • your learner Licence must be held for at least 6 months - if you're under 161/2 you must apply for an exemption from the LandTransport website. You must have had no fines, or demerits.

  • you will need to book for the test - bringing your licence, proof of address, eyes, new photo etc & fill out a form
  • the test takes 50 minutes on road

  • if you sit in an automatic vehicle you will only be allowed to drive an automatic whilst on the restricted stage

  • check out this web address for the new restricted test criteria on the NZTA website
  • near the time you think you are ready to pass your test I can give you an assessment drive (mock test!) to see if you are ready and have the required skills to pass the Restricted test

  • once you successfully pass the test a temporary Restricted Driver Licence will be issued by the Testing Officer. Please remember that someone who has just passed their Restricted Licence is more likely to crash than at any other time.

Stage 3 - NZ Full Licence 

  • an on-road practical test which takes around 20 minutes check the NZTA website for test criteria
  • your Restricted Driver Licence must be held for at least 18 months (if you are under 25 years) or 6 months (25 years and over) HOWEVER, a Street Talk defensive/advanced driving course will reduce the Restricted Licence period, for a car, by 6 months (under 25 years) or by 3 months (25 years and over). I hold Street Talk defensive driving courses each month
  • you may sit this test in an automatic or manual vehicle - once you have passed you can still drive both

  • once you have successfully passed the Full Licence Test a temporary NZ Full Driver Licence will be issued by the Testing Officer

All my driving courses are New Zealand Transport Agency approved