Older Driver Training

Your driver licence will expire on you 75th birthday, 80th birthday and every even-numbered birthday after that (82, 84 etc). You must renew your driver licence on or before these birthdays if you want to remain driving.

(warning: there are serious penalities if you are stopped by Police and your licence has expired. Also any insurance claims may be declined)

Turning age 75

If you're turning 75 and wish to continue driving, you will need to renew your driver licence at a NZ Transport Agency outlet (eg AA Blenheim)

To do this you will need to take

  • Your completed Application for Renewal of Driver Licence form

  • Your existing photo driver licence

  • Proof of your address (electricity account, bank statement etc)

  • A Medical Certificate for driver licence issued by your doctor within the previous 60 days

  • Pay the NZTA fee for renewal

This licence will be valid until you turn 80 - unless otherwise declined for medical reasons.

Turning age 80, 82,84 etc

Drivers who are turning 80 next birthday or an even-numbered age (82, 84 etc) will need to do exactly the same as for turning age 75

How to obtain a Medical Certificate

Make an appointment with you doctor and get a Medical Certificate for a driver licence.

During your appointment your doctor will discuss your present state of health with you and test your eyesight. Your doctor will then recommend whether you are:

  • Medically fit to drive

  • Medically fit to drive with conditions (such as corrective lenses, night vision restriction etc)

  • Medically fit to drive but referred for an On-Road Safety Test, which must be passed before you are granted your driver licence

  • Referred to a specialist - such as optometrist, opthalmologist, occupational therapist - for further assessment. You will have to pay the costs involved with any of these people, your doctor will advise you of their results. You will take these with you when you apply for your licence.

  • Not medically fit to drive, in this case you doctor is required to advise the NZ Transport Agency of this. NZTA will then either cancel your licence forthwith or it will expire at your next renewal date.

If your doctor decides you are medically fit to drive, he/she will provide you with a Medical Certificate for a driver licence.

On-Road Safety Test

If you are required to sit the On-Road Safety Test you will need to pay the additional NZTA fee.

For more information the 'Guide to the On-Road Safety Test' is available from the AA Blenheim or by calling 8088 822 422.

This test is conducted with the Testing Officer and will be similar to the now defunct 'Older Driver Test'